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What’s Booking Urbino

Urbino, the ideal Town


Booking Urbino is the new online platform presenting the cultural offer and accommodation in the town of Urbino and the Montefeltro area. Thanks to Booking Urbino, everyone can have both a detailed panoramic of the hospitality in the region and information about the town and the local culture. For this moment on it will be easier for anyone to look for the most suitable accommodation facilities and to get in touch with them. Booking Urbino gives you centralized info about the area, the events and the accommodations in order to let your journey in the Ducal Town be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Booking Urbino: discover, search, live!

The Booking Urbino platform originates from the “Urbino, the ideal Town” project supported by the Evolved Cultural District: it aims at letting Urbino become one of the most important national and international destinations basing on its high-level hospitality. Referring to the “ideal city” concept, which made the town well-known throughout the world, Urbino wants to show itself as a hospital town and aims at developing the experiential tourism through an integrated offer.

Thanks to the wonderful sightseeing, the historical-artistic beauties, the presence of important educational centers and to pieces of handicraft excellence, Urbino succeeds in offering every visitor a unique stay experience. Focusing on Urbino’s natural bent to hospitality, the Booking Urbino platform enables to manage accommodation in a organized and centralized way.

The future visitor could then find in the same website all pieces of information about the stay and the town, while accommodation facilities have another important channel to communicate their own offer. The integration between the online platform and the telephone booking service aims at centralizing and optimizing Urbino’s information, promotion and communication activities.

Boking Urbino is the result of the expertise and synergy between different partners: this innovative project is able to boost tourism and the appealing of the town, enhancing its cultural and economic development.


UIC – Urbino International Centre

UIC – Urbino International Centre is a no-profit association formed by the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Province of Pesaro and Urbino, E.R.S.U. di Urbino (Regional organization for Right to Education) and the City of Urbino to promote Urbino as an international cultural training center and to help the territorial developent.

Confcommercio Pesaro and Urbino

Established in 1945, “ConfCommercio di Pesaro e Urbino” is the most representative labor union for the economic sector of services.

Its core activity is representing the interests of more than 5.000 associated SMEs, along with providing consultancy services in the fields that the entrepreneurs are interested in, thus enhancing the associates’ growth and development.

Most part of the commercial, touristic and service companies located in the Pesaro and Urbino area claims to feel represented by Confcommercio, the Labor Union known for protecting the interests of its associates’economic categories. To become an associate of Confcommercio means to give more strength to the needs of the workers, and to contribute to the growth and development of their own business.

ISIA Urbino

ISIA (Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche) is a public institute, of University level, that teaches graphic design. The institute belongs to the Departement of High Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM) of Ministry of education University and Research. It’s the most important state institution in Italy for graphic and editorial design. The link between education and work dimension is the essential mark of ISIA’s identity.

From the beginning the teachers were and still are professionals, they bring to the educational process all the real issues you can have during work, this is an important link between education and the demand from a real work.

GGF Group Srl

It’s a brand corporation able to bring to the market a wide range of Integrated Services of Strategic and operational Marketing. The distinctive feature of the company resides in the uniqueness of the method of operation: through a qualified team of professionals and experts, analyzes and reveals any company critical issue and transforms it in useful aspects for the realization of a Strategic and Operational Plan.

Today GGF Group is a reality that can operate in different areas and markets as well as operational contexts through a multichannel contact center and a team of professional specialized in touristic booking service, customer care, technical help desk, direct marketing, market research, services and qualified processes of customer experience management.

Consorzio Marche Maraviglia SCARL

Consorzio Marche Maraviglia is a Destination Management Company, leader for the incoming in the Marche Region, organized in the form of a Consortium for the marketing and for an effective communication system.

The Consortium strength is expressed in a coordinated strategy oriented to advertise and commercialize MARCHE DESTINATION and its tourism products on national and international target markets , with commercial service and marketing operations of the entire network of associates.

Project 36 SRL

It’s a Service Provider Company fot IT and Communication, Development Platform In Knowledge Base and sharing, database and web sites, Development Planning and Integrated Communication Systems.

Mind X Up Srl

It’s a Company of management Consulting, specializes in helping companies and organizations about the development of innovative services with high technological content. Mind X Up develops and coordinates lead generation and lead management processes; creation, management and population of customer database and knowledge base through analysis of business processes and intelligence.